Alpha MUTT® (2nd Gen) w/ ABS (No Tablet)
Mobile Universal Trailer Tester

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Alpha MUTT® (2nd Gen) w/ ABS (No Tablet)
Mobile Universal Trailer Tester

  • #5710A Alpha MUTT w/ ABSBS
  • 5710A_Product_Left_Angle
  • 5710A_Action_01
  • 5710A_FacePlate_V2
  • 5700_Action_12
  • 12Button_Remote
  • 5700_Glad_hands_accessories_product_1
  • 7900K-12AS_accessories_7-Way_Cable
  • MUT-RM12_accessories_12Btn_Remote
  • 9005A-5S_accessories_EXTRNL_BATT_CNTR
  • CVR-0002_website
  • 9102_Connection_Type_Image
  • 9005A-5AS_external_battery_connector

Alpha MUTT® (2nd Gen) w/ ABS (No Tablet)
Mobile Universal Trailer Tester

Advanced diagnostic trailer tester with detailed reporting capabilities and ABS diagnostics and rugged tablet

(No Monthly Fees; Free Updates)

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Innovative Products of America® Incorporated is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) who only sells through traditional three step distribution. Our products are available through most professional tool distributors, AG/construction equipment dealers, farm supply stores, MRO and industrial supply companies.
To locate a distributor near you, please call 888-786-7899 or email us.

Price $5,575.00
3 Year Warranty


One-Man Trailer Inspection System that Tests a Trailer Without a Truck!

The Alpha MUTT® (2nd Generation) with ABS and tablet is an all-in-one, mobile, advanced diagnostic tester and inspection system for both vehicles and trailers. IPA® uses its own proprietary technology to achieve unparalleled accuracy while conducting electrical, air brake and ABS testing.

Made proudly in the USA, each Alpha MUTT® features a rugged design that answers the call of fleets looking to enhance the speed and accuracy of trailer pm inspections.

Several models are available with our wireless productivity suite, which includes cloud uploading and the option to instantly link all trailer inspections fleet wide for inspection-failure-cause analytics.

Features and Benefits:


  • Reads and clears codes on front panel
  • Accesses ECU data; manufacturer, make, model, etc.
  • Displays diagnostic troubleshooting information
  • Automatically detects corroded ABS wires and faulty ECU’s with patent-pending technology

ELECTRICAL TESTING(12/24 Volt Operation)

  • Automatic cross, open, overload, short and ground fault detection
  • Highly accurate digital ammeter with 5mA resolution
  • Chase down short circuits with Pulsar® mode
  • Ground failure detection: differentiates between wire and chassis ground
  • Cable testing
  • Control lights by remote


  • Dual regulators
  • Remote-controlled air brake activation
  • Real-time, repetitive brake activation to find developing problems and verify leaking servo cans
  • Perform analog leak-down tests in service and emergency lines


  • Tests continuity to trailer connectors of tractor
  • Tests air brake output at tractor gladhands


• 12-Button Remote (#MUT-RM12) • 12′ 7-Way Cable (#7900K-12AS) • 12′ Red Gladhand Hose with Handle (7900AP-12RED-FX) • 12′ Blue Gladhand Hose with Handle (7900AP-12BLU-FX) • External Battery Connector with Eyelets (#9005A-5AS) • External Battery Connector with Clamps (#9005A-4AS) • 12″ Bluetooth® Extension Cable (CBL-OBD2MF-12) • Rain Cover (#CVR-0002)

Wireless Technology Add-On Packages

10″ Tablet with Bluetooth® Kit and Standard Software License

Factory Equipped: #5710A-T10
Field Upgrade: #MUTT2-T10


  • 10″ Standard Tablet with Mount
  • Bluetooth® Module
  • IPA® Diagnostic Software Suite License Key

8″ Rugged Tablet with Bluetooth® Kit and Standard Software License

Factory Equipped: #5710A-RT8
Field Upgrade: #MUTT2-RT8


  • 8″ Rugged Tablet with Docking Station
  • Bluetooth® Module
  • IPA® Diagnostic Software Suite License Key

Connection Type: 7-Way Round Pin
Power Input: 12/24V DC
Battery Compartment: 14" W x 15.5" H x 13" D
Suggested Battery: 2X Group 31 Threaded Post (or similar) Not Included
Internal Battery Charger: 12V 10A Smart Battery Charger
Ammeter: 5mA - 21A
Source Output: 20A @ 12/24V DC
Max Operating Pressure: 120 psi
Air Input: ¼" npt (120 psi max.)
Controls: Tablet, Remote or Manual
Tablet Size: 10"
Tablet: Android Operating System
Tablet/Remote Range: 100'
Bluetooth®: 4.0 or Newer
Tires: 12.5" Pneumatic
Casters: 6" Locking
Shelf Space: 14" W x 11" H x 13" D
Lid: Face Cover with Dampeners
Material: 16 Gauge Powder-Coated Steel
Weight: 85 lbs.
Dimensions: 22" L x 23" W x 45" H
Warranty: 3-Year Limited Warranty

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