Alpha MUTT® W/ ABS and Rugged Tablet Bench Top Model
Mobile Universal Trailer Tester


Alpha MUTT® W/ ABS and Rugged Tablet Bench Top Model
Mobile Universal Trailer Tester

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Alpha MUTT® W/ ABS and Rugged Tablet Bench Top Model
Mobile Universal Trailer Tester

Advanced diagnostic trailer tester with rugged tablet, detailed reporting capabilities and ABS diagnostics designed for bench top and mobile applications.


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Guaranteed 6X ROI with Paperless, Mistake-Free Inspections

The Alpha MUTT® Bench Top Model with ABS is an all-in-one, advanced diagnostic tester and inspection system for both vehicles and trailers. It saves time and money by providing mistake-free, paperless inspections that are faster and more efficient than existing methods across all your locations. IPA® uses its own proprietary technology and a custom software suite to achieve unparalleled accuracy and record keeping while conducting electrical, air brake and ABS testing along with full DOT inspections.

Several models are available with expandable capabilities including ABS testing, air pressure sensors, cloud uploading and the option to instantly link all trailer inspections fleet wide for inspection-failure-cause analytics. The added convenience of a tablet provides inspection reports which eliminate the burden of time-consuming paperwork. Made proudly in the USA, each Alpha MUTT® features a rugged design that answers the call of fleets looking to enhance the speed and accuracy of trailer pm inspections.

Features and Benefits:


  • Real-time ABS software—features with integrated ECU sensor diagrams
  • Reads and Clears Codes on Front Panel or via Tablet
  • Displays diagnostic troubleshooting information
  • Access ECU data: manufacturer, make, model, etc.

ELECTRICAL TESTING(12/24 Volt Operation)

  • Automatic cross, open, overload and short fault detection
  • Highly accurate digital ammeter with 5mA resolution
  • Chase down short circuits with Pulsar® Mode
  • Cable testing
  • Ground failure detection: differentiates between wire and chassis ground
  • Control lights by remote or tablet
  • Detailed inspection report generated from auto-test function in under 60 seconds


  • Tablet or remote-controlled air brake activation
  • Real-time, repetitive brake activation to find developing problems and verify leaking servo cans
  • Perform analog leak-down tests in service and emergency lines

IPA®’s Diagnostic Software Suite

IPA®’s diagnostic software suite provides faster and more comprehensive paperless inspections, resulting in less mistakes and citations down the road. The Inspection Customization Tab helps reduce costs and technician/fleet manager frustrations by avoiding time-consuming, failure-prone data entry points.


  • Trailer VIN and all required information can be entered and saved to avoid redundant data entry
  • Customize templates with Inspection Creation Tab
  • Inspection accountability
  • Technician’s username is recorded with each test


  • Built-in Diagnostic Message Center analyzes inspection results in real-time, providing users with immediate feedback and troubleshooting suggestions
  • Detailed pass/fail circuit conditions (ground, open, crossed and short) will alert with specific values
  • Provides real-time data and control
  • Records multiple data points for each circuit including wattage, voltage and current
  • Reads accurate current from 0-21A @ 5mA resolution


  • Logs detailed pass/fail inspection reports
  • Report history allows fleet managers to analyze patterns for predictable failure points across all fleet and service locations
  • Cloud-based option syncs an unlimited number of service locations with a central hub
  • Email, print or export reports to PDF or XLS formats
  • Software can be utilized on any Android tablet (custom solutions available for other operating systems)



•Rugged Tablet (#5700-TAB) • (2) 12-Button Remote (#MUT-RM12) • 12′ 7-Way Cable (#7900K-12AS) • External Battery Connector with Eyelets (#9005A-5AS) • External Battery Connector with Clamps (#9005A-4AS) • 12′ Red Gladhand Hose with Handle (7900AP-12RED-FX) • 12′ Blue Gladhand Hose with Handle (7900AP-12BLU-FX) • 5′ Bluetooth® Extension Cable (CBL-OBD2EXT)

Connection Type: 7-Way Round Pin
Power Input: 12/24V DC
Ammeter: 5mA – 21A
Source Output: 20A @ 12/24V DC
Max. Operating Pressure: 120 psi
Air Input: 1/4" npt (120 psi max.)
Controls: Tablet, Remote or Manual
Tablet: Android Operating System
Bluetooth®: 4.0 or Newer
Tablet/Remote Range: 100'
Tablet Dimensions: 10" x 7"
Tablet Resolution: 1080
Lid: Face Cover with Dampeners
Materials: 16-Gauge Powder-Coated Steel Construction
Weight: 56 lbs.
Full Body Dimensions: 15" W x 12" H x13½" D
Warranty: 3-Year Limited Warranty

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