Tactical Trailer Tester Field Kit

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Tactical Trailer Tester Field Kit

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Tactical Trailer Tester Field Kit

Available To Order

Test and clean tow circuits on all trucks and trailers in North America.

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Designed to Test, Clean and Restore Tow Circuits on All Trucks and Trailers in North America.

The 37-piece #9200 Tactical Trailer Tester Field Kit is engineered with the service professional in mind and encompasses all the tools and adapters necessary for maintenance on 4/5, 6-Way Round, 7-Way Flat and 7-Way Round pin electrical connectors. The #9200 comes in a custom, hard case built to withstand harsh conditions in the field, in the shop, or on the road.


Features and Benefits:

  • Test all truck-side tow circuits
  • Test all trailer circuits
  • Clean all truck and trailer electrical connections
  • Custom case features waterproof, crush-proof, custom foam insert, pressure equalization (purge) valve, and a lifetime warranty


• Heavy Ranger MUTT® (#9102) • Diamond-Tip Electrical Terminal Cleaners (#8040) • 3-Way Trailer Adapter (#8000) • 4/5 Pin Trailer Harness Checker (#7866) • 6-Way Round Pin Tractor Trailer Circuit Tester (#7897) • 7-Way Round Pin Tractor Trailer Circuit Tester (#7865L) • 7-Way Flat (Spade) Pin Trailer Circuit Tester (#7893) • 8′ 7-Way Round Cable (#7900K-1-8AS) • 500mA Battery Charger (#CHR0001) • 7-Way Round to 7-Way Flat (Spade) Adapter (#7900A-5A) • Truck and Trailer Pin Master Cleaner Set (#8044) • Custom Case (#ENC-0003)


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Materials: ABS Plastic, PVC Coated Wires, Anodized Aluminum, Steel, Diamond Abrasive
Weight: 35 lbs.
Dimensions: L: 26" W: 24" H: 10"
Warranty: 1-Year Limited
CoO: Made in the USA of Global Components

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