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Fuse Saver® Master Kit

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Fuse Saver® Master Kit

(18 customer reviews)

Provides a fast and safe solution for troubleshooting short circuits without blowing fuses or smoke testing vehicle electrical systems.

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Price $287.95

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Chase Down Short Circuits Without Blowing Fuses!

The Fuse Saver® Master Kit provides a level of versatility in electronics testing (5-30 amps) never before available. It includes five resetting, thermal breaker handles, color-coded to match the vehicle’s fuse sizes and is designed to stress but not harm electrical circuitry, so the technician can easily find the problem.

Simply plug the Fuse Saver® with its 10 ft. cord directly into the fuse box in place of the troubled circuit’s fuse. When a short is present, the breaker will pop and the user can then manually reset the circuit breaker to re-apply power to the circuit and continue testing.


Features and Benefits:

  • Helps install radios, CD players, radar detectors and accessories with ease
  • Allows a technician to move around a vehicle shake testing wires while looking for the short
  • The BuzzAlert™ module plugs in-line to your Fuse Saver® and sounds an alert when the circuit shorts
  • The 6-piece Fuse Box Adapter Kit allows access to a wide variety of fuse boxes: FLF, FLS, JCase, MAXI, Female MAXI, screw-on style pal, European ceramic and all glass-style fuses


• 5 Resetting, Color-Matching Thermal Breakers: Orange – 5 Amps (#8005-5AMP), Red – 10 Amps (#8005-10AMP), Blue – 15 Amps (#8005-15AMP), Yellow – 20 Amps (#8005-20AMP), and Green – 30 Amps (#8005-30AMP) • Dual-Type Fuse Box Connector with 10′ Cord (#8005-7) • BuzzAlert™ Module (#8011) • Fuse Box Adapter Kit (#8014) • Custom Blow-Molded Case (#8016-1)

18 reviews for Fuse Saver® Master Kit

  1. Kobe

    Fuse saver. This is a perfect tool. Save me a lot of time and very good price. Tool men come my work sell to expensive.

  2. Jeremiah F.

    This tool allowed me to easily pin down where the short was that was intermittently … This tool allowed me to easily pin down where the short was that was intermittently blowing fuses on my power seat. Very heartily recommended!

  3. Charles Morris

    Five Stars good tool

  4. john williamson

    Awesome price for an awesome tool! You need this! It is a fantastic tool for troubleshooting systems.

  5. Daniel

    Easy, friendly to use and saves so much time … Easy, friendly to use and saves so much time when it comes to diagnoses for a short circuit or blowed fuse problem. Worth the money.

  6. Fred P

    Five Stars works great & were much cheaper than buying from the weekly tool salesman that comes to the shop

  7. Jesse

    Five Stars Best tool ever

  8. Sparky in Kansas City

    Love it. Never finish a job with a fist full of blown fuses again, period. If you have ever had to shake test a harness only to blow fuse after fuse during troubleshooting or crawl around a trailer looking for the bug, this is the one tool that takes away the frustration. It’s a little pricy, but it is a very professional kit.

  9. Stormin

    Five Stars A fantastic tool for automotive relay diagnostics.

  10. Lonnie Kirkman

    very nice just what I wanted

  11. central jersey equipment

    Five Stars GREAT TOOL


    Five Stars I work for a dealership and this is a lifesaver for chasing short circuits

  13. Darney Samuel

    Excellent service Great product

  14. Mitch Martin

    Must have for any automotive electrical work! If you work on a lot of automotive electrical systems and have a handful of fuses when you’re done, you need this clever product! This comes with a nice and long cable so you can reset the fuse without having to walk to the front of the vehicle every time. There is also a nice buzzer attachment that will let you know that the fuse has blown. The rocker switch on the top is easy to use once blown. This master kit comes with a few other fuse attachments to use with older bullet type fuses for example. the lack of a 25A fusebuddy doesn’t bother me as I will just go to the next size lower (20A) to be on the safe side. They also have a nice rubber handle to give you some extra grip which is also nice.

    I would gladly recommend these to anyone that would like to be more efficient with their electrical troubleshooting.

  15. T-Bucket99

    Great Product and Customer Service I have used this multiple times chasing down shorts and it has paid for itself. Company also has great customer service. I called to inquire about a replacement buzz alert and they didn’t ask any questions and sent a replacement out same day. I also use several of their other products all outstanding.

  16. allen myers

    works great great price ,works as described,fast delivery

  17. kenneth bourque

    Great Best tool for finding shorts without blowing thro fuses

  18. Richard Cowtails

    A Handle set to have

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Operating Voltage: 10V DC – 14V DC
Operating Temp: 40°F - 110°F
Materials: PVC, Plastic
Package Weight: 4.5 lbs.
Product Dimensions: 15" L x 10" W x 3" H
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty

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