Innovative Products of America® Incorporated is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) who only sells through traditional three step distribution. Our products are available through most professional tool distributors, AG/construction equipment dealers, farm supply stores, MRO and industrial supply companies.

To locate a distributor near you, please call 888-786-7899 or email us.

If you do not have access to a local distributor, you may buy directly from our website.

SKU: 9200

Tactical Trailer Tester Field Kit

Test and clean tow circuits on all trucks and trailers in North America.
SKU: 8016

Fuse Saver® Master Kit

Provides a fast and safe solution for troubleshooting short circuits without blowing fuses or smoke testing vehicle electrical systems.
SKU: 8005

Fuse Saver® Standard Kit

Chase down short circuits without blowing fuses!
SKU: 9038A

Relay Bypass Switch Kit with Amp Loop

Allows circuit bypass and current testing for 12V DC relays.
In Stock
Ships Within 2 Business Days
SKU: 9038

Fuel Pump Relay Bypass Master Kit

Allows fuel pressure to be read when an engine is inoperable.
In Stock
Ships Within 2 Business Days
SKU: 9036

Fuel Pump Relay Bypass Kit

Energize a fuel pump by the push of a switch.
SKU: 7884

Disc Brake System Analyzer

Uneven brake pad wear? Eliminate guesswork when troubleshooting disc brake problems.
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