Reveal Developing Problems Before They Occur on the Road

Reveal Developing Problems Before They Occur on the Road

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A good diagnostic trailer tester can be one of the most important investments a shop can make to prevent hidden costs from labor, parts and citations, as well as service calls. Every month, the average shop will lose thousands of dollars as a direct result of guesswork. The Super MUTT® Pro Edition (#9008-DL), diagnostic light and air brake tester enables a true, one-man operation and utilizes IPA®’s proprietary circuit design and algorithms limit guesswork and identify developing problems within the trailer before they occur on the road. This diagnostic light and air brake testing system provides a return on investment in less than 45 days on average.


To test a trailer, the technician performs a visual inspection of the lights and brakes, while the tester continuously sends a small amount of voltage into each circuit. The Super MUTT® analyzes data coming back from each circuit and alerts the technician to any faults that are detected. Within a few seconds of powering up, the Super MUTT® will indicate if there are any disconnected circuits, bad grounds, back fed wires or short circuits. If a problem is detected, the user is notified through a series of audible and visual alerts. This troubleshooting is done automatically, preventing guesswork and the technician from having to repeatedly walk back and forth around the trailer. Built-in functionality, known as PULSAR MODE, also allows the technician to quickly troubleshoot and repair shorted circuits. It eliminates the need for fuse replacements and timely cool-down cycles by safely supplying power long enough for the source of the fault to be discovered, without damaging the harness.  When a short is detected, power is removed and then reapplied every few seconds. The technician can shake test the wiring harness and make repairs without harm to the trailer’s electrical system.


Additional time savings are achieved through the incorporation of long-range, wireless remote controls. With the 12-button, 14-function remote, all light and air brake functions can be operated at the rear of the trailer. Technicians can observe air brake operation and timing in real time, which reveal unknown problems that would otherwise go unnoticed. The remote control is also helpful when making repairs or changing parts by limiting unnecessary foot traffic.


IPA®’s #9008-DL includes several additional features which have been optimized for the fleet service technician. For fleets who go through multiple 7-way cables, it can be used to test the wiring integrity and avoid unneeded replacement.  Most shops find that suspect cables are often in good working order after a quick check with the Super Mutt®. The mobile design – with an integrated battery compartment and pneumatic wheels – means that a technician can perform testing outside the service bay: in the lot or on a road call. Built for durability, it includes a steel face shield which doubles as a battery compartment protector, a rain/dust cover and a 10 Amp Smart Battery Charger. Each professional trailer tester comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee, 3-Year Warranty and 24-Hour Repair or Replace Service.


Innovative Products of America® is a manufacturer of over 200 first-time tools and equipment in various categories, available through most professional tool distributors worldwide. Since 1991, IPA® has been the industry’s leading manufacturer of diagnostic trailer testers. Utilizing years of experience, times studies and listening to user feedback, IPA® has fine-tuned and optimized its diagnostic systems for all types of shops and fleets. If you are considering a trailer tester, we invite you to ask around about our service and quality, check with your tool supplier, visit our website at, or call us directly at 888-786-7899.

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