10 Amp Smart Charger (12V DC)

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10 Amp Smart Charger (12V DC)

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10 Amp Smart Charger (12V DC)

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This is a replacement part for the #9008-DL, #M2000, #9007M and #9004M.

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Price $82.95


The Automatic 10 Amp Smart Battery Charger monitors charging cycle. Excellent for charging and maintaining 12 volt lead acid batteries. This battery charger is made tough and is designed for deep cycle charging and float monitoring. Can be left connected and will maintain and not overcharge the battery. #CHG-10AMP-AS comes as standard equipment with #9008-DL, #M2000, #9007M and #9004M.
    • 10 Amp
    • Smart charge
    • Smart maintenance
    • Internal cooling fan
    • Circuit protection
    • Compact design
    • Cigarette Plug Cable
    • Ring Terminal Cable
    • Battery Clips Cable

Weight: 1.5 lb
Dimensions: L: 9" W: 4" H: 2"
1 Year Limited Warranty

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