Upgrades 9008-SE to 9008-DL

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Upgrades 9008-SE to 9008-DL

  • 9008DL_Super_Mutt_Trailer_Tester_Pro_Edition_Product_W_Accessories_2
  • CVR-0001
  • 9008-4R
  • 121001_10amp_automatic_battery_charger_product_3_1_1
  • 12_button_remote_product_1_1

Upgrades 9008-SE to 9008-DL

This is the upgrade kit for the 9008-SE to the 9008-DL.

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This is the upgrade kit for the 9008-SE to the 9008-DL contains:

  • Raincover – CVR-0001
  • Face Shield – 9008-4R
  • 12 Button Remote Control – MUT-RM12
  • 10 AMP Smart Charger – CHG-10AMP-AS
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