7-Way Flat (Spade) Pin Towing Maintenance Kit


7-Way Flat (Spade) Pin Towing Maintenance Kit

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#8028Patent 8,296,893/8,214,961

7-Way Flat (Spade) Pin Towing Maintenance Kit

(15 customer reviews)

Test, clean and restore male and female 7-way flat (spade) pin connectors and terminals.

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Quickly Test, Clean and Repair Truck and Trailer Connections.

The included tester will verify tow vehicle is sending proper signal to the connector, while the cleaning tools remove corrosion and verify proper pin size on both male and female truck/trailer plugs. For use with 7-way flat (spade) connectors.


Features and Benefits:

  • Tests tractor electrical circuits
  • Removes corrosion from truck and trailer connectors
  • Great preventative maintenance tools
  • Enhances electrical contact points and extends harness life
  • Promote safety and limit road hazards
  • Connector cleaners can be used as a pin wear gauge


• 7-Way Flat (Spade) Pin Trailer Circuit Tester (#7893) • 7-Way Flat (Spade) Pin Connector Cleaners (#8023) • 2 ml Contact Cleaner (#8030)

For testing Integrated Brake Controllers, see the IPA® #9107A as this tool may not work for testing electric brake circuits on vehicles with Advanced or Integrated Brake Controllers.

15 reviews for 7-Way Flat (Spade) Pin Towing Maintenance Kit

  1. REV. L

    Worth the money Best in product revoewed

  2. Ernest E Jenkins

    Trailer plug cleaner Does a great job. Just what you need to get job done right

  3. Amazon Customer

    Package deal Package deal

  4. dick95

    Easy to carry in the truck, and a life saver when I needed it. Easy to use, and a lifesaver on the road.

  5. SeaWolf’s Home Workshop Blog

    Does the job. Quality tool, but a little expensive for what it does. Does the job, but a little pricey for the DIY who only needs it occasionally.

  6. jpkp

    Great tool to have This unit helped me solve a boat trailer light issue. Great tool to have.

  7. Joseph k.

    Good diagnostic tool This product is necessary to detect the electric brake pulse on certain vehicles.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars great

  9. Brock Ward

    Trailer maintenance with quality tools I used this tester and cleaning tools to eliminate problems pulling trailers of different makes and models within our fleet of trucks. Simple and robust tools that save a tremendous amount of time when we need to hookup and get rolling. It is a must for me and my fleet.

  10. W. Johnson

    Five Stars Great….

  11. William George

    Five Stars Very nice kit and tester thank you

  12. Daniel

    Lights now work Keeps the trailer contacts in good shape using at the beginning of camping season

  13. John R. Rollins

    Electrical connection kit Always important to to clean and check your towing electrical connections and this product is just what I was looking for. Works well and great for cleaning and keeping connections in working order.

  14. Alex

    Absolutely LOVE this kit! Works!!! Could not be happier. Auto parts stores and RV stores don’t have this or anything close. Spent hours driving around town looking for a way to clean my rv plug because right turn signal wasn’t working and bulb was good. Had to leave on trip but ordered this for destination and it arrived on time. Cleaned contacts and applied ointment and it works! I now have a right turn signal!!! Yay!!! Thank you for making my return trip home safer and more relaxing!!!!

  15. happy1

    A MUST HAVE IF YOU HAVE A TOW HITCH–AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE!! This is a wonder tool-I have been looking for something like this for 5 years. It cleans the male and female ends of the flat spade style plugs VERY VERY WELL–it also does the round style. The tester is a must have it lets ONE person know if the turn signals work, 24/7 power plug is working, flashers working-everything but the brakes. that is a two person job because someone needs to push on the brakes. all the other things you just turn on (such as turn signal), walk back and look at the plug and you immediately know you have power at the plug. This tool is outstanding and was a monumental find since I have been looking for so long. The price was comparable to anywhere else on the web.

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Materials: Plastic, Anodized Aluminum
Package Weight: .65 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 9.5" L x 4.25" W x 2" H"
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty
CoO: Assembled in the USA of Global Components
Patent 8,296,893 & 8,214,961

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