Innovative Products of America Alpha MUTT

The Alpha MUTT® Series

The Alpha MUTT® with ABS is a heavy duty, all-in-one, mobile, advanced diagnostic tester and inspection system for both vehicles and trailers. It saves time and money while being simple and easy to use.


  • Improve the Quality of Inspections
    • Diagnostics pinpoint issues that otherwise go unnoticed
  • Enhance Data Collection
    • Tablet records test results and allows for digital pinpoint PM inspections
    • Saves time and improves accuracy by eliminating manual data entry
  • Increase Technician’s Output and Performance
    • Remote controls and real-time monitoring with tablet enable more thorough inspections in less time

Promote Highway Safety and Avoid Citations 
Catches developing problems at the inspection point before they occur on the road

Alpha MUTT® Series Tutorials
Alpha MUTT® Manuals and Downloads
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