Tech Support

Instructions for In- and Out-of-Warranty Repairs

Customer Satisfaction is always IPA®’s number one objective. Our Return and Service Policies are designed to be simple and hassle free. Please follow the instructions below when you feel you have a product that is in need of repair. If at any point in the process you are not happy with the service or support you receive from any member of the IPA® team, please email [email protected]

Step 1: Determine Type of Repair Needed.

There are three types of repair:

Physically Broken

– Unit has physical damage, i.e. switch snapped off, socket came loose, etc.

Erratic Behavior

– Unit is not working properly, i.e. lights flashing, erroneous error warnings, etc.

Problems with Components/Accessories

– Issues with items not in the main unit, i.e. remotes not programming, battery charger issues, etc.

Step 2: Determining Service Action

Many issues can be fixed over the phone with the help of one of our Tech Support Team members. If you have an issue with one of our units, call 888-786-7899 or email [email protected] to speak with one of our team members. They will determine the best level of service to provide for the unit.

There are three levels of repair:

Fix Over the Phone

– Tech Support will walk the customer through the repair over the phone. No parts or inhouse service is needed.

Field Repair

– Tech Support will send the required parts needed for the customer to service the unit in the field themselves.

Inhouse Repair

– The customer will send in the unit for the Tech Support Team to service in house.

Step 3: Acquire RGA #
Once a Tech Support Team member determines parts need to be sent out for an in-field repair or the unit needs to be sent in for repair, an RGA # will be assigned along with next step instructions for the customer.
Special Notes:
• Always take at least 5 pictures of your unit BEFORE sending the unit to the IPA® facility.
• IPA® is not liable for any damage that occurs to unit during shipment.
• See “When Not to Send Your Unit for Repair” sheet for examples of situations NOT covered by IPA®’s Warranty Repairs.
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