Flow-Thru System with Brush and Venturi

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Flow-Thru System with Brush and Venturi

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Flow-Thru System with Brush and Venturi

A versatile, first-time tool that combines air pressure and solvents for unparalleled cleaning performance.

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Cleans, Restores and Applies Solvents Under Pressure!

The Flow-Thru System with Brush & Venturi is a versatile, first-time tool. It features stainless steel and abrasive nylon brushes, and a venturi that attaches to an ergonomic, anodized-aluminum handle with integrated flow-control valve. It provides an unparalleled cleaning performance when air pressure is combined with degreasing solvent and simultaneous scrubbing action via the flow-through brush heads.


Features and Benefits:

  • For cleaning, degreasing and application of various solvents
  • Interchangeable twisted-wire stainless steel and industrial-strength nylon brushes
  • Venturi allows for application of solvents under pressure, i.e. degreasers, rust converters, etc.
  • Integrated flow valve for ultimate control with pressurized solvents (145 psi)
  • Simultaneously dissolve, dislodge and brush away debris
  • Unparalleled cleaning in parts washing sink or portable cleaning with air supply
  • Recessed high-power magnet (N40) for easy storage
  • Self-cleaning design: uses less solvent and keeps work station cleaner
  • Countless applications: parts washing, degreasing, on-engine cleaning, fluid evacuation and more

• Aluminum Handle with Flow Valve and Magent (#HDL0009-AS) • Venturi Assembly (#8091-VNT-AS) • Stainless Steel Flow-Thru Brush (#8091-1S-AS) • Nylon Flow-Thru Brush (#8091-1N-AS) • 6′ Chemical-Resistant Hose (#HS-FUELYLW6) • 1/4″ NPT x 3/8″ Barbed Fitting (#BRB-0009) • 1/8″ NPT x 1/4″ Barbed Swivel Fitting (#8091-8) • #110 Viton O-Ring .375″ ID (#8091-11) • Custom, Blow-Molded Case (#8005-10)


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Material: 6061 Anodized Aluminum
Package Weight: 2.25 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 12" L x 6" W x 2" H
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty (non-wearable items only)
Patent Pending

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