7-Way Round Pin Tractor Trailer Circuit Chaser™


7-Way Round Pin Tractor Trailer Circuit Chaser™

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7-Way Round Pin Tractor Trailer Circuit Chaser™

(21 customer reviews)

Test 7-way round pin towing circuits at the back of the truck.

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“One-Man Testing” for Male and Female 7-Way Round Pin Tractor Trailer Plugs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Allows bypassing of troubled circuitry while on the road
  • Packaged with an extra jumper connector
  • Plugs into the vehicle side socket
  • LEDs indicate that each circuit is working
  • Eliminates guesswork
  • “Winged” grip for easy removal from electrical connector

21 reviews for 7-Way Round Pin Tractor Trailer Circuit Chaser™

  1. James Morris (verified owner)

  2. James Morris (verified owner)

  3. MARIO

    Save time to know what is wrong on the lights! I pulled different trailers and is very easy know what is wrong my truck or the trailer!

  4. Dave

    Good product Works well and well-designed

  5. Jose M.

    great product i recomended

  6. Omar Nunez

    Great Tester About a year later still running strong and use it everyday !

  7. Amazon Customer

    Great circuit tester Theme item is a Circuit tester that use on trailers. It works great.

  8. Stephen Bates

    Can’t beat it A must for checking trailer 7 way connectors. They work great, I just always end up losing them.

  9. john chapman

    Great I use this for my 10 trucks and 15 trailers. Easy to use.

  10. Alexander Demidenko

    Save some bucks and time Really simple troubleshooting

  11. bmwgeorge

    Nice tester I work as a chassis mechanic and I have to deal with truck drivers on a daily basis. this tester is great way to find out if you 7 way has as bad circuit which will tell you where to start looking for the problem. This item will help you find out if your semi truck 7 way plug is bad or if the chassis that your are hauling has the problem . keep in mind it is always best to use a metering device for the best readings but if you can afford one of those metering devices this 7 way tester will do the trick . I would recommend this item to my fellow chassis mechanics to help do quick trouble shooting on 7 ways

  12. Jen

    Works good Thanks

  13. Lionel Williams

    It’s useful in my line of work. The way it works.

  14. Charles Washington

    priced just right great product

  15. Michael George

    Works like it should I’ve gone through about 4 of these freakin things. And every time I lost one I bought another from snapon like an idiot. This last time I bought it here from amazon. Best decision I made. Way less money and it’s the same exact tool.

  16. Tony Windon

    Easy to use it tells you if the problem is the truck cord or the trailer It’s easy to use save time which is money

  17. j -jay

    100% accurate Every truck driver should have it.

  18. Joseph McNevin

    Great product, well made, great quick diagnostic tool Great tool I use it all the time. tool helps you to quickly pin point whether there is a issue from the truck or trailer side of the lighting electrical system. Compared to my co-workers snap on version only obvious difference was a snap on logo and the significantly different pricing. Have had many truck drivers and other mechanics tell me they have never seen such a tool. Most of which say they are going to get one now. Have had it for a few months now and use it almost every day, so far it has held up. still looks brand new with no issues in functionality.

  19. Winki

    Easy to use This little thing really speeds up the troubleshooting when determining the electrical problem.

  20. Amazon Customer

    Awesome….. This product is amazing!!!

  21. James

    When time is of the essence,this is the tool to have. I work for I’ve tractor trailer fleet …on drive up ,it make life so easy to tell if problem with 🚜 or trailer.glad I got it!

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#7865L 7-Way Round Pin Tractor Trailer Circuit Chaser™

Materials: Plastic, Tin, Copper
Package Weight: .53 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 9" L x 4" W x 2" H
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty
CoO: Taiwan

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