Light Ranger MUTT® (7-Way Spade Pin)
Mobile Universal Trailer Tester

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Light Ranger MUTT® (7-Way Spade Pin)
Mobile Universal Trailer Tester

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Light Ranger MUTT® (7-Way Spade Pin)
Mobile Universal Trailer Tester

(22 customer reviews)

A portable and water resistant trailer light and electric brakes tester that allows the user to perform all testing functions without the use of the vehicle.

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Test the Trailer Without the Truck!

The Light Ranger Mobile Universal Trailer Tester (MUTT®) is a portable and water resistant trailer light and brake tester that allows the user to perform all testing functions without the use of the vehicle. For 7-way spade, 6-way round and 4/5 pin trailer harnesses, the Light Ranger MUTT® simulates all electrical circuits of standard towing vehicles for boating, RV, landscaping, hunting and similar type light-duty trailers. Included with each tester is a battery charger and 3-way trailer harness adapter.


Features and Benefits:

  • Tests 7-way spade, 6-way round and 4/5 pin trailer side harnesses
  • Short circuit protection
  • Turn signal simulation and power verification LED
  • Water resistant
  • 500mA Battery Charger and 3-Way Trailer Adapter included
  • Internal battery compartment (battery not included)


• 500mA Battery Charger (#CHR0001)• 3-Way Trailer Adapter (#8000)

22 reviews for Light Ranger MUTT® (7-Way Spade Pin)
Mobile Universal Trailer Tester

  1. Gerald DePoorter (verified owner)

  2. George Poevrakis (verified owner)

  3. Will

    versatile makes testing the small trailer lights much easier

  4. Rick

    Real time saver Love this tool makes trust in my trailer so much easier when rewiring lights and things of that nature Glad to have it in my toolbox

  5. John

    Functions as advertised The product is enclosed in a very strong plastic case. It’s portable and is extremely helpful for diagnosing wiring problems off the vehicle. Just remember that it requires an appropriately sized battery to operate.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Trailer tester Works great

  7. Master DJ

    great! Great product. Work very well

  8. Matthew Corcoran

    Great tool for anyone working on trailers This made working on my trailer brakes and fixing my lighting issue so much easier. Great way to verify whether it be a trailer issue or an issue with the tow vehicle.

  9. Fred Matthews

    Easy to work. I love this tester.

  10. Richard

    Great product Works great. Portable and easy to use

  11. JORGEV 399

    Easy to use. Works great bought 2

  12. AlphaOmega

    It is simple and it works great…. We ship 100 + Car Tow Dollies a month all the country. We need to be able to quickly and easily test the wiring and lights before they leave. We had a home made contraption that had become a nuisance to use. Went online and found this item. Very very pleased with it. It works great, simple and fast to use, been reliable so far. Very well designed and thought out. Highly recommended.

  13. Bruce D.

    Quickly analyze and fix trailer wiring. Great device for quickly analyzing and fixing trailer wiring issues.

    We also use a power probe, and this provides a useful battery for that.

  14. Ferrets

    Works exactly as specified. As an RV inspector, I can state that this device works exactly as expected. It’s invaluable for testing trailer lights.

    It requires a battery. The battery I added is in this link. (

    It just works.

  15. JC

    Awesome This is such a great device for trailers. Works awesome.

  16. Harris Automotive

    just what i needed thanks

  17. Amazon Customer

    Time saver It is great, bought it for work since we have 4 trailers. This prevents us from having to move a truck around the site to test all the lights.

  18. Gregory Crawford

    Very handy tool. Very handy tool to have for wiring up a trailer or fixing existing wiring.

  19. ryan

    Happy Happy

  20. Tamara P.

    Easy to Use, Helped End Marital Discord Very handy for testing trailer lights when there’s not a vehicle available and has reduced the angst from certain members in my household when it comes to hauling stuff on our trailer 3 or 4 times a year. Now there’s nothing I can’t test and fix ahead of time! Even blinks for the turn signals.

  21. birz

    Compact Small and compact….use it every day for trailer work

  22. Se Halfhill

    Keep the lights on Great item anyone that owns more then one trailer should have one in their shop

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#9101 and #9102 Ranger MUTT

#9101 and #9102 Ranger MUTT

Connection Type: 7-Way Spade, 6-Way Round and 4/5 Pin
Power Input: 12V DC
Battery Required: Yes
Battery Dimensions: L: 6" W: 4" H: 5" (Yuasa: YTX14 or similar)
Output: 10A @ 12V DC
Overload Protection: Automatic Resetting Internal Breaker
Controls: Manual Control Knob
Material: ABS
Package Weight: 2 lbs. (Empty)
Package Dimensions: L: 14" W: 8" H: 10"
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty

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