IPA® Diagnostic Software

IPA®’s custom diagnostic software suite provides highly accurate inspection results for all common trailer configurations. It standardizes consistent inspections across all fleet and service center locations with one-button pass/fail inspections and printable reports. It reduces labor time, prevents mistakes and creates more detailed service records.

 Capture Inspection Reports
  • Inspection accountability
  • Customizable, password-protected user login
  • Technician’s username is recorded with each test
  • Trailer VIN entry with each inspection maintains more accurate record keeping
Prevents Recurring Mistakes and Provides Walk-Through Expert Guidance
  • Built-in Diagnostic Message Center analyzes inspection results in real-time, providing users with immediate feedback and troubleshooting suggestions
  • Detailed pass/fail circuit conditions (ground, open, crossed and short) will alert with specific values
  • Provides real-time data and control
  • Records multiple data points for each circuit including wattage, voltage and current
  • Reads accurate current from 0-21A @ 5mA resolution
Record and Analyze Inspection Results
  • Logs detailed pass/fail inspection reports
  • Easily accessible report history allows technicians to analyze patterns for predictable failure points across all fleet service operations
  • Upgradeable cloud-based option syncs an unlimited number of service locations with a central hub
  • Email, print or export reports to PDF or XLS formats
Military-Grade Tablet Tested Against:

Salt Fog, Settling and Blowing Dust, Icing, Rain, Humidity, Immersion, Vibration, Dropping, High/Low Temperatures, and High Altitude

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