Innovative Fuel System Cleaners, Polishers and Transfer Systems

Innovative Fuel System Cleaners, Polishers and Transfer Systems

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Algae, water and debris have devastating effects on diesel fuel systems. Filters clog, injectors wear and corrosion builds up inside of tanks. Once a diesel system becomes starved of fuel the entire system has to be cleaned and primed. Otherwise, the injection pump can become damaged as well, resulting in heavy parts and labor costs.

No matter how much you try, getting a load of contaminated fuel oil is not an if, but a when. Most of the time fuel contamination doesn’t happen overnight, but if preventative maintenance is not performed on a fuel tank, the “when” will be sooner than you think.

As a professional service provider, our number one position is to do everything we can to protect the fleet. There is no easy way around contaminated fuel, except to physically remove the contaminants. It’s important to have a well-engineered, well priced and user-friendly set of tools to deal with both preventative maintenance service and the aftermath of a fuel contamination. IPA® has developed a full line of AC, DC and pneumatic powered systems designed to meet the various needs of industry professionals, here are some examples:

#9049M Mobile Fleet Tank Sweeper

The #9049M is designed for fuel polishing, tank sweeping and cleaning, as well as general fuel transfer. Its small profile makes it ideal for a truck or ag-type service garage. The AC powered Fleet Tank Sweeper® (22 GPM) features a unique design that increases the output pressure to loosen sludge from the walls and bottom of the fuel tank. With its flexible intake and output wands, cleaning the inside of a tank is less of a hassle. The fuel is run through a replaceable onboard water blocking and particulate filter, ensuring no contaminants make it back to the fuel tank. This system is ideal for trucks, tractors, construction equipment, marine and most above ground fuel tanks.

#9046 Fuel & Hydraulic Oil Tank Sweeper

The flagship of fuel service equipment. The #9046 will service all types of diesel fuel, fuel oil and hydraulic oil systems. It features a pneumatic diaphragm pump with a 0-26 GPM transfer rate and a dual filter filtration system with 3-way diverter valve for bulk and sludge transfer. This system’s speed is pneumatically adjustable, which makes it ideal for small 30-gallon tanks to large 1000-gallon in ground tanks. The filters are specially engineered to block particulates, water and even emulsified water from being transferred back into the tank. Long hoses with quick disconnects, purpose built tank access wands, and an innovative self-draining system are all standard with the #9046 Pneumatic Fuel & Hydraulic Oil Tank Sweeper®.

Once the tank has been cleaned and filters changed, the injection system (hoses, pumps and injectors) will be air bound and still full of contaminants. Cranking a motor and turning an injection pump that has not been properly primed will cause irreversible damage and drastically reduce the lifetime of the pump.

#9080 Fuel Injection Cleaner & Primer

The #9080 is a multi-functional fuel cleaner, primer and invaluable diagnostic tool. Its design provides multiple vital roles in fuel maintenance and troubleshooting and it is a great asset for techs who want an easy-to-use, portable method for priming, cleaning and troubleshooting fuel systems that makes emergency road service quick and easy. Purging air from a fuel system is now made simple. Easily and neatly fill fuel filters before installation. With the flick of a switch you can fill fuel lines with clean diesel fuel or cleaning fluid.

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