Grease Joint Rejuvenator

Your industry deserves the best. When it comes to choosing a product and the customer service that you receive, it’s ultimately the best quality of products and the best service that will catch your attention. If you are looking for quality innovative tools and equipment at a reasonable price, there’s only one brand that will satisfy throughout – IPA Tools.

The IPA Grease Join Rejuvenator

joint grease rejuvenator
Joint Grease Rejuvenator | IPA Tools

Have you ever tried to force grease through a grease join and couldn’t® We know the frustration, which is why we have worked hard to develop a reliable solution. The IPA solution is the Grease Join Rejuvenator, a reliable product to force light oil into a grease join, flushing out old hardened grease and allowing new grease to be pushed through. Choose a reliable solution for your regular woes. Choose IPA!

The reliable Grease Join Rejuvenator is a reliable solution formulated to do the following: instantly opens clogged grease joints, cleans ways and stays in milling machines and lathes, lubricates and unclogs bearings, control arms, kingpins, piston arms, packaging, shafts, brushings and more; can be used on farm, construction, lawn, excavating, manufacturing, and machine stop.  Locate a dealer today for availability of a specific product or call our customer service department at 888-786-7899.

Industries We Serve

At IPA we are pleased to serve the following industries: automotive and industrial aftermarket, construction and excavating, MRO, military, aircraft, fleet service, marine, rental, and agriculture.

About IPA Tools

Innovative Products of America (IPA) is an Original Equipment Manufacturing (O.E.M.) located in Woodstock, NY. We strive to be a one-stop-shop facility, featuring on-site soldering, CNC, fabrication, welding, and mechanical production lines, all supported by a team of electrical and mechanical engineers. We also host a full service sales and marketing department. These elements allow us to meet our clients needs by offering cutting edge solutions to industry and technology problems.

For Quality Products Including a Grease Joint Rejuvenator, Choose IPA

Your industry and business deserves nothing but the best when it comes to tools and equipment. When searching for products such as a grease joint rejuvenator, choose IPA as your brand.

To contact us, fill out a contact form and someone will get back to you shortly. You may call our main number 845-679-4500 or toll free at 888-679-4600.

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