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Innovative Products of America (IPA) is a manufacturer of quality, innovative tools and equipment that your industry has been searching for. Founder and President Peter Vinci built the company on the motto of “future now.” We are all about innovation and quality, which has solidified our company as a leader in tool innovation throughout numerous industries. Continue reading to learn why IPA is the go-to business for purchasing tools such as Electric Brake Force Meter with Dynamic Load Simulation and Circuit Testing.

About IPA Tools’ Electric Brake Force Meter
electric brake force meter
Electric Brake Force Meter | IPA Tools

The #9107A Electric Brake Force Meter with Dynamic Load Simulation and Circuit Testing (patents pending) is designed for use on 7-spade equipped vehicles. This new technology automatically recognizes the electronic signature of both Integrated (ITBC) and aftermarket Trailer Brake Controllers. It is also capable of accurately simulating trailer load and displays real-time, brake-controller output gain and application time. It is quickly able to troubleshoot truck-side tow circuit and the 25 foot cable allows for one-man, in-cab testing. Convenient! Locate a dealer today for availability of a specific product or call our customer service department at 888-786-7899.

Why Choose IPA Tools

Innovative Products of America (IPA) is an Original Equipment Manufacturing (O.E.M.) located in Woodstock, New York. Our established facility features on-site soldering, fabrication, welding, CNC, and mechanical production lines which are supported by a team of electrical and mechanical engineers, as well as a full service sales and marketing department. These elements allow us to offer cutting edge solutions to our clients and follow through on our motto – “future now.”

Our motto conveys our presence at the forefront of maintenance solutions for the automotive, agriculture, fleet and industrial aftermarkets, while providing approximately 12 first-time products per year to our network of distributors.

The Top Electric Brake Force Meter is at IPA Tools

Your business and industry deserve nothing but the best when it comes to tools and equipment. In our industry, innovation and reliability are key, and we meet these requirements for thousands of business and various industries. Source your tools and equipment from IPA Tools. If you are specifically in the market for an electric brake force meter, we carry the best.

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