8″ Diamond File Set


8″ Diamond File Set

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8″ Diamond File Set

(4 customer reviews)

4-pc. set of premium industrial files.

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The Best-Contoured Files Available on the Market Today.

The #8108 8″ Diamond File Set includes four abrasive, diamond-coated hand files (Half Round, Round, Flat and Square) that are harder than traditional files and can be used in any direction, cutting faster and smoother for a better finish.


Features and Benefits:

  • Many times harder than conventional files
  • Cuts 10X faster and in all directions
  • Cuts into welds and hardened surfaces where other files can’t
  • Smooth action
  • 12″ overall length with 8″ blade
  • Comes in a custom folding pouch
  • For a dramatic demonstration, try cutting into a regular file using one of the diamond files. You will see first-hand that our files are superior in every way.


• Half-Round File (#FIL-0820HR) • Round File (#FIL-0806R) • Flat File (#FIL-0820FL) • Square File (#FIL-0807SQ) • Custom Folding Pouch (#POU05)

4 reviews for 8″ Diamond File Set

  1. Tim W (verified owner)

    The files are exactly what I hoped they would be! Great service from IP Tools.

  2. Donald Williams (verified owner)

    will last a lifetime

  3. Jon

    I would definitely recommend you get these to add to your toolset I got these because I read a tool review in a PTEN magazine. And, I am very happy that I did.

    You can file in any orientation. It is literally like sandpaper on a stick. But much better.

    So far, just sharpened/shaped an axe and a knife. It was super fast and the final sharpening did not require much more work.
    The main benefit of these is the fact that you do not have to file in a particular direction. I shaped the tools on the bench in a comfortable position. I did not have to vise it down in a particular position to utilize my regular files requirements. This was nice.
    I’m no pro so I don’t have enough usage to say really but I’m going to use these instead of my regular files and see if these can actually replace them…. idk… I’m really happy with these.

    The case… it’s a solid nylon (?) velcro’d case. But… I don’t like it. Not sure exactly what it is but my other files are just laying in my tool chest. These came in a case and that’s where they are. To use them, I have to open and unsnap two snap buttons to pull them out. It has a flap which you have to unsnap. Maybe after they’re not so new, I’ll just leave them out as well? Time will tell. I’m sure some of you are the same way… Get something new and baby it until it grows up kind of thing.

  4. John Williams

    Nice set These work great on hard metals like titanium.worth the price. I use them for blending out Nicks in fan blades on jet engines at work. They cut like butter.

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Grit: #100
Blade Length: 8"
Handle Length: 4"
Material: Industrial Diamond Abrasive
Package Weight: 1.5 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 13" L x 2.5" W x 2.5" H
Warranty: Wearable Item-New/Defective Only
Country of Origin: China

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