Diamond Micro Round Files


Diamond Micro Round Files

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Diamond Micro Round Files

(12 customer reviews)

Super-hard, flexible, and diamond coated for cleaning small, round, female electrical pins.

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Remove Corrosion from Small-Type Round Terminal Connections.

This 12-pc. set of Diamond Micro Round Files is specially designed to remove corrosion from Deutsch, Cannon, Bullet, NATO, Weather Pack and Other Round Terminal Connectors.


Features and Benefits:

  • Strong but flexible
  • Specifically engineered sizes designed for cleaning small, round electrical connectors
  • Diameter sizes range from 0.030″-0.120″ and 5″ long
  • For use in general filing applications such as steel, aluminum, plastic, brass, etc.
  • Comes in a premium-quality holster with magnetic clasp
  • Individual sizes are marked and available for replacements


• (2 x) 0.030″ Diamond Round File (FIL-030-3PK) • (2 x) 0.040″ Diamond Round File (FIL-040-3PK) • 0.050″ Diamond Round File (FIL-050-3PK) • 0.060″ Diamond Round File (FIL-060-3PK) • 0.070″ Diamond Round File (FIL-070-3PK) • 0.080″ Diamond Round File (FIL-080-3PK) • 0.090″ Diamond Round File (FIL-090-3PK) • 0.100″ Diamond Round File (FIL-100-3PK) • 0.110″ Diamond Round File (FIL-110-3PK) • 0.120″ Diamond Round File (FIL-120-3PK) • Quality Leather Holster (#POU03)

12 reviews for Diamond Micro Round Files

  1. Donald Williams (verified owner)

  2. Richy B

    good product Iv’e used and worn, lost and broken these for many years. Very handy for pin connectors

  3. Jordan

    Works as intended Something hard a mechanic has to work with is corrosion in a connector this product saves time and works as intended
    I would recommend for any mechanic that works with electrical connectors

  4. Kindle Customer

    Well made and sized perfectly for the electrical terminal on my motorcycle Nothing to not like. Well made and well sized for most of the electrical terminals on my motorcycle. The diamond coating wears a little with each use but I’ve cleaned every terminal on one older motorcycle and they all now work perfectly. These are the right tool for the job.

  5. Kris

    Ok Ok

  6. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars Better tool than I expected

  7. Ricky G.

    Five Stars Everything arrived as ordered I am very pleased.

  8. Sergio

    Five Stars Great product and nice case, smaller than expected but work well on corrosion.

  9. segundo requena

    Five Stars ok

  10. james

    Five Stars work as expected ,fair price

  11. Stephen D.

    Five Stars worth the money great tool

  12. John Herboth

    Female Bullet Connector File Set The product was exactly what I needed to clean my female bullet connections in my car’s wiring harness (both engine and chassis). This product comes with 2x of the two smallest files, and 1x of all the other sizes. The product description could be improved by detailing the file size, range and quantity sold with this product as the image size is too small to read. The image is correct for this product. Case quality is nice.

    The smallest file had a tendency to bend when using them in tight connections, better to be ductile and bend then break off and get stuck inside a small connection.

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Blade Length: 3"
Handle Length: 2"
Material: Industrial Diamond Abrasive
Package Weight: .27 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 9" L x 6.5" W x 3" H
Warranty: Wearable Item-New/Defective Only
CoO: China

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