Innovative Products of America® Incorporated is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) who only sells through traditional three step distribution. Our products are available through most professional tool distributors, AG/construction equipment dealers, farm supply stores, MRO and industrial supply companies.

To locate a distributor near you, please call 888-786-7899 or email us.

If you do not have access to a local distributor, you may buy directly from our website.

SKU: 8047

Diamond-Coated Flexible Flat Files

Super hard, diamond-coated, flexible flat electrical contact cleaners for large spade electrical contacts and general filing applications.
SKU: 8040

Diamond-Tip Electrical Terminal Cleaners

The only tool ever made to remove corrosion from flat (spade) type electrical terminals.
SKU: 8043

Micro Male Electrical Pin Cleaners

Cleans Deutsch, Cannon, Bullet and other round electrical pins.
SKU: 9010

SWAB-EEZ® Assortment (325-Piece)

Industrial-grade swabs for the removal of dirt and the precise application of shop chemicals.

12-Button Remote Control

Remotely test all trailer electric circuitry and air brake actuation with 12 buttons
SKU: 9008-4R

Face Shield

Face shield for Super MUTT
SKU: FIL00005

Filter Wrench

Handy Filter Housing Wrench for clear sight glass filter housings.
SKU: 9040-HB

Filter Hanging Bracket

Allows filter housing to be hung from or mounted to a variety of stationary and mobile applications.
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