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Super MUTT® Trailer Tester Standard Edition

Quick Overview

State-of-the-Art, Remote-Controlled, Diagnostic Trailer Tester
Super MUTT Trailer Tester description
Super MUTT Trailer Tester front Super MUTT Trailer Tester description Super MUTT Trailer Tester Trailer Hook Up Super MUTT Trailer Tester in Action Super MUTT Trailer Tester Showing Mobility Super MUTT Trailer Tester Test Lights Super MUTT Trailer Tester Demonstration (7900K-1) 7-way Cable (#MUT-GAS) Glad Hands with Hoses Set #MUT-RASA Remote Control (#7900K-93) External Battery Connector (#7900K-2BCHAS) Chassis Ground Cable Super MUTT Trailer Tester with accessories Super MUTT Trailer Tester quarter panel view Super MUTT Trailer Tester quarter panel view with accessories video video

#9008-SE Super MUTT® Trailer Tester Base Model

Commercial Diagnostic Trailer Tester (7 Round Pin)

Quickly troubleshoot lighting, air brake and ABS systems with the industry’s leading trailer tester. This intuitive and durable design is ideal for both on and off-site commercial trailer testing and repairs.
ELECTRICAL TESTING (12/24 Volt Operation)
  • Power lights: Manually, All-On, Auto Scan, or by Remote Control
  • Audible and visual alerts: cross, open, overloaded and short circuit indication
  • Pulsar® mode allows diagnostic repair
  • Advanced trailer wiring diagnostics
  • Amperage readout and range (0-20 amps)
  • Cable testing
  • Ground failure detection: differentiates between wire and chassis ground
  • Access ABS blink codes
  • Test ABS fault blink codes via Auxiliary and Brake Circuit activation (i.e. Meritor/Wabco, Bendix® TABS-6 and Haldex systems)
  • Performs leak down test on service and emergency lines
  • Remote control allows observation of slackers to measure and adjust pushrods
  • Real time, repetitive brake activation to find developing problems and verify leaking servo cans
  • Features an internal air regulator
  • 3-button remote control included tests all trailer electric circuitry and air brake actuation, 200+ ft. range
  • Sync multiple (12) remotes to one unit
3-Button Remote Control • 5' 7-Way Cable • Chassis Ground Cable • External Battery Connector • 8' Glad Hand Hoses 

7-Way Round Pin

7-Way Round Pin

(#9008-SE) Super MUTT® Deluxe Standard Edition
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty Learn More
Power: 12 V DC 
Air Input: 120 PSI Shop Air Power Input: Group 31 (or similar battery) or external 12 volt power source
Output: 20 amps @ 12 volts DC
Connection Type: 7-Way Round Pin
Controls: Manual, Remote, Automatic
Materials: Steel construction
Weight: 40 Lbs
Dimensions: W: 14" x H: 28" x 10" D
Finished Good

(#MUT-RASA) 3-Button Remote Control
(#7900K-2BCHAS) Chassis Ground Cable
(#7900K-1) 5' 7-Way Round Cable
(#MUT-GAS8) 8' Glad Hand Hoses
(#7900K-93) External Battery Connector

IPA Super MUTT Trailer Tester

#9008DL Super MUTT® Deluxe Edition Trailer Tester

A remote controlled trailer tester for lights, ABS, and air brakes testing on commercial trailers

Tire Gauge

#9067 Tire Comparator Type II

A quick and easy way to ensure dual mated tires are withing tolerance. The industry's fastest and most consistant tire gauge


#9007A Smart MUTT® Trailer Tester

Remote diagnostic trailer tester for commercial trailers using 7 way round connections

Clean 7 way round pin, bullet, weather pack, abs sensor, trailer light connectors and more

 #8048 HD Fleet Technicians Terminal Maintenance Kit

An assortment of tools designed for cleaning all vehicle electrical connections in commercial heavy duty fleets including Deautsch, Cannon, 7-way round pin, bullet, weather pack, common abs connectors and trailer light connectors


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