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Industrial Fuel Cleaner & Transfer System

Quick Overview

A battery powered mobile platform with built in meters and filtration for general fuel transfer and filtration needs.
IPA's DTP20C Fuel Transfer System with Filtration
IPA's DTP20C Fuel Transfer System with Filtration Industrial Fuel Cleaner and Transfer System Fuel Filtration and Transfer System IPA DTP20C IPA's DTP20C Fuel Transfer System

#DTP20C Industrial Diesel Fuel Polishing and Transfer System (12V DC)

Battery-Powered, Mobile Filtration System for Use in Fuel Islands, Vehicle Recovery and Fleet Operations

The #DTP20C is a DC-powered, fuel-transfer system that provides efficient and accurate diesel fuel transfer and filtration in a mobile package. Built on a rugged, steel cart and featuring a 20 gpm DC fuel pump that runs off two Group 31 batteries, the #DTP20C is ideal for busy operations. On-board, 17-micron water-blocking filtration
with a highly accurate, digitally metered nozzle ensures all diesel fuel that is transferred is free from contamination and accurately measured.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a safe and efficient method for transferring and filtering diesel fuel
  • On-board, water-blocking filter ensures that all diesel fuel transferred is free from contamination
  • Highly accurate, digital flow-meter nozzle for precise measurement
  • NOT FOR USE WITH gasoline or other highly volatile fluids
Digital Flow-Meter Nozzle, 11' Input Hose, 12' Output Hose, Extra 17-Micron Water-Blocking Filter, 10A Smart Battery Charger and Fire Extinguisher


#DTP20C Industrial Fuel CLeaner and Transfer System
Warranty: 2 Year Learn More
Pump Type: Rotary Vane (Explosion Proof)
Pump Regs: UL and CUL Approved
Pump Req.: 12V DC 30A
Flow Rate: Up to 18 gpm
Input: 1" Diameter
Output: 3/4" Diameter
Filter: 17-Micron Water Blocking
Meters: Panel-Mounted Volt and Ammeter
Battery Compartment: Houses Two Group 31 Batteries (not included)
Weight: 75 lbs.
Frame: Steel Construction
Body Dimensions: 23" W x 42" H x 14" D

Pneumatic Fuel Tank Sweeper

#9046F Pneumatic Fuel Tank Sweeper®

Remove Water and Contaminants from Diesel Oil Systems, the Pneumatic Fuel Tank Sweeper® Can Also be Used to Bulk Transfer Fuel

Mobile Fleet Tank Sweeper (120V AC)

(#9049M) Mobile Fleet Tank Sweeper (120V AC)

Transfer and filter diesel, kerosene and bio blend fuels. A great solution for most fleet, construction, AG and industrial equipment.

Biodiesel Fuel Cleaner and Transfer System  
##DTP20C-BIO Biodiesel Fuel Cleaner and Transfer System
Battery-Powered, Mobile Platform with Built-In Meters and Filtration for Biodiesel Fuel Transfer Needs

Trailer Tester

#9005A Super MUTT® Head Trailer Tester

The Super MUTT® Head is a portable, remote controlled diagnostic trailer tester for inspecting lighting, ABS and air brake systems on commercial type trailers


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