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Fuse Box Adapter Kit

Quick Overview

6-Piece Fuse Box Adapter Kit adapts Fuse SaverĀ® to various non-blade style fuses.
Fuse Box Adapter Kit

The new Adapter Set allows Fuse Saver® access to a wide variety of fuse box applications including:



• JCase


• Female Maxi

• Screw-On Style PAL

• European Ceramic

• All Glass Style Fuses

(#8014) Fuse Box Adapter Kit
1 Year Limited Warranty
Product Dimensions: L: 8.50" W: 5.00" H: 2.00"
Package Weight: 10.0oz.

Fuse Saver® Master Kit Product Image (#8016) Fuse Saver® Master Kit
The Fuse Saver® Master Kit provides a fast and safe solution for troubleshooting short circuits without blowing fuses or “smoke testing” vehicle electrical systems.
Fuse Saver® Update Kit Product (#8015) Fuse Saver® Update Kit

Fuse Saver® Update Kit provides additional accessories to the #8005 including the Fuse Saver® Adapter Kit, Buzz Alert™, and 30 Amp Breaker Handle. Allows Technicians to use the Fuse Saver® with a wider range of vehicle fuse designs, as well as higher amperage circuits.

Fuse Saver® Standard Kit (#8005) Fuse Saver® Standard Kit
This standard kit includes three resetting thermal breaker handles, color-coded to match the vehicle's fuse sizes. It is designed to stress but not harm electrical circuitry, so the technician can easily find the problem.
Fuse Saver® BuzzAlert™ Product Image (#8011) Fuse Saver® BuzzAlert™

Buzz Alert™ used with Fuse Saver® products provides an audible alert when the connected circuit exceeds amperage limit.


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