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Test the Trailer Without the Truck!

#9101 Light Ranger MUTT®

The Light Ranger Mobile Universal Trailer Tester (MUTT®) is a portable and water resistant trailer light and brake tester that allows the user to perform all testing functions without the use of the vehicle. For 7-way spade, 6-way round and 4/5 pin trailer harnesses, the Light Ranger MUTT® simulates all electrical circuits of standard towing vehicles for boating, RV, landscaping, hunting and similar type light-duty trailers. Included with each tester is a battery charger and 3-way trailer harness adapter.

#9102 Heavy Ranger MUTT®

The Heavy Ranger Mobile Universal Trailer Tester (MUTT®) is a commercial trailer light and electric brakes tester that reduces guesswork and saves time by powering each trailer electrical circuit in 7-way round pin arrangements. This allows for proper verification of wiring configuration, ground integrity, short circuit and overload conditions, along with electric brake operation and turn signal simulation. The Heavy Ranger MUTT® features a water resistant, rugged design and features an internal battery compartment and external 12v power port which can be used as a memory saver, test light supply or trickle charge input.

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