Fuel Tank Sweeper® Polishing and Filtration System (Mobile)

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Fuel Tank Sweeper® Polishing and Filtration System (Mobile)

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  • 9046F Fuel Tank Sweeper® Polishing and Filtration System
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  • 9046-BRWAND-AS_5_ft_Flexible_Output_Wand_with_Flow_Through_brush_for_scrubbing_tank_walls
  • 9046-OUTPUT_5_ft_Flexible_Output_THREE-QUARTER IN-Input_Wand
  • 9046-OUTPUT2-AS_5_ft_Flexible_HALF IN_Output_Wand
  • 9046-INPUT-AS_5_ft_rigid_wand_BLACK
  • 9046-90DEG-AS_Quick-Disconnect_Right_Angle
  • 9046-VALVE-AS_quick_dissconnect_ball_valve
  • FIL-17WB_17-Micron_Filter
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Fuel Tank Sweeper® Polishing and Filtration System (Mobile)

Filter, polish, purify, transfer and remove water and contaminants from diesel fuel, fuel oil and kerosene systems.

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A Complete Polishing, Transferring and Filtration System

The Pneumatic Fuel Tank Sweeper® provides a complete, turnkey solution for servicing contaminated fuel oil systems – it quickly filters, polishes and transfers fuel oil. Specifically designed for servicing fleet and construction equipment, the Tank Sweeper® removes debris, impurities, and standing or emulsified water from contaminated diesel fuel, fuel oil and kerosene. It can be used as a preventative maintenance or service tool, and extends the life of fuel system components. The unit is strategically built with a spill-free design that allows a clean and complete evacuation of all the fluid from machine parts, hoses and filters. It can also be used for hydraulic, transmission and similar viscosity oils (with appropriate filters). Not for use with gasoline or other highly volatile fluids.


Features and Benefits:

  • Filter, polish, purify, decontaminate and transfer diesel oil systems on a fully mobile cart
  • Innovative filter technology shows filter status and allows filter bypass for bulk transfer
  • Works with small, portable air compressors as low as 4 cfm @ 22-102 psi
  • Easily switch between fluids with drain-down design and integrated drip pan
  • Closed-circuit hoses feature quick-disconnect fittings, allowing simple connectivity between various adapters and additional hoses
  • Gives complete control over transfer rate and access to hard-to-reach areas
  • Custom, detachable flow-through brush
  • Ability to transfer multiple types of fluids with one unit
  • NOT FOR USE WITH gasoline or other highly volatile fluids


• (2) 30-Micron Particulate Filters (#FIL00003) • (1) 17-Micron Water Blocking Filter (#FIL00001A) • (1) 178-Micron Wire Mesh Filter (#FIL00002A) • 12′ Input Hose (#9046-INHOSE-AS) • 12′ Output Hose (#9046OUTHOSE-AS) • Quick-Disconnect Ball Valve (#9046-VALVE-AS) • Quick-Disconnect Right Angle (#9046-90DEG-AS) • 5′ 1″ Dia. Rigid Wand (#9046-INPUT-AS) • 5′ 3/4″ Dia Flex Wand (#9046-OUTPUT-AS) • 5′ 1/2″ Dia. Flex Wand (#9046-OUTPUT2-AS) • 5′ 3/4″ Dia. Flex Wand with Flow-Through Brush (#9046-BRWAND-AS) • Chassis Ground Cable (#7900K-2BCHAS) • Filter Wrench (#FIL00005) • Drip Pan (#9046-3)

Pump Type: Pneumatic Diaphragm
Operating Pressure: 4 cfm @ 22-102 psi
Head-Lift Height: 22'
Unfiltered Flow Rate: Pump rated up to 26 gpm
Intake/Output: 1" dia.
Primary Filter: 30-Micron Particulate-Blocking
Secondary Filter: 17-Micron Water-Blocking
Tires: 10" Pneumatic Tires
Material: Powder-Coated Steel
Weight: 70 lbs.
Dimensions: 24" W x 42" H x 14" D
Warranty: 2-Year Limited Warranty

SKU: FIL00005

Filter Wrench


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