2″ 3-in-1 Diamond Grinding Wheel

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2″ 3-in-1 Diamond Grinding Wheel

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2″ 3-in-1 Diamond Grinding Wheel

(16 customer reviews)

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Go where no wheel has gone before!

Grinds, cuts and undercuts.

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Price $36.95


1: Grind  2: Cut  3: Undercut

For Grinding, Deburring, Surface Prepping, Cutting Sheet Metal, Fiberglass and More!

The 3-in-1 Diamond Grinding Wheels revolutionized the abrasives industry. Through the use of a unique core bonding technology, these grinding wheels last longer and outperform with far less sparks and odor than traditional grinding wheels for fast cutting, back cutting, gully grinding and bead finishing. With three different cutting areas on each wheel, the 3-in-1 Diamond Grinding Wheels grind, cut and undercut, providing unmatched access and versatility for countless applications.


Features and Benefits:

  • Outperform standard grinding wheels; maintain diameter, last longer and cut faster
  • Core bonding technology increases wheel life a minimum of 2,000% (20X) by exposing the full diamond particles which provides maximum grinding performance
  • Access hard-to-reach areas
  • Low sparks, odor and debris
  • Saves time and cost
  • For 1/4″ and 3/8″ Arbor Die Grinders
  • Available in three sizes: 4.5″, 3″, 2″

16 reviews for 2″ 3-in-1 Diamond Grinding Wheel

  1. Alan Gala

    Awesome product My sister in law bought me the 2″ and 3″ wheels. I’ve used them both 9 or ten times now. I used it on a trailer a few days ago and it worked great. Particularly for tight spaces. I had to cut a slot for a chain in a tight spot and it was exactly what I needed. I find myself using the 2″ more often, it just has so many uses. Even chucked it into a drill one day to sharpen some chisels. And they’re not joking about the low sparks, it’s like night and day. Very well made product.

  2. Illuminating World

    Awesome and durable! This is just about the best tool I have in my arsenal! Love it.

  3. Frank W. Eggers

    Highly useful for cutting, grinding and shaping. Works fantastic. Cuts almost anything.

  4. Realistic

    Very nice. So far so good, very aggressive.

  5. benjamin girard

    It works for my application It’s worked for me grinding concrete

  6. Roger B

    Works Works well, although the company’s 3″ diamond well works better.

  7. T

    Five Stars works good

  8. Amazon Customer

    Great for metal finishing Use this to finish up welds. Very good product. This is my go to tool for metal finishing


    Outstanding long lasting performance! I normally use 3M Cubitron II 36 grit ( red discs 2″ ) to grind sharp edges off hardened or even nitrided coated steel with Dotco 20,000rpm 90 degree grinder. These diamond coated wheels cut like butter and leave less debris in your work area. Cuts down time and less material ( 3M discs ) that was being used. Depening on your disc holder. No need to worry about discs flying off. These are permanently mounted on a 1/4″ shank. Remember, Always wear safety equipment protection when grinding.

  10. thomas s wellborn

    Quality Well made, after one year its working like the first day

  11. Amazon Customer

    Best Wheels for carving rock Very well made, carves granite like nothing else I’ve tried. I bear down on the hardest stones that I can find and it has no problem. Really durable. It hasn’t shown any wear that I can tell.

  12. Customer

    Very heavy duty. This is very well built and the diamond is very coarse, probably coarser then I expected, but its a beast.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Works great Works great

  14. Chris B

    Great Beat the hell out of this and still grinding! Best I’ve found so far!

  15. Al Rivera

    Accurate and durable Very accurate cuts

  16. Roger

    Burning up to many green discs The longevity is nice. Very corse could be a little less. Couple months now still good.

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Grit: 36 Medium
Size: 2" Diameter
Cutting Edge: .125"
Shank: 1/4"
Speed: 30,000 rpm Max
Material: Industrial Diamond Abrasive
Applications: For use on ferrous metals, concrete and ceramic. Can also be used on aluminum with proper lubrication
Package Weight: .11 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 2" L x 2" W x 2" H
Warranty: Wearable Item-New/Defective Only
CoO: China

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