7-Way Flat (Spade) Pin Connector Cleaners


7-Way Flat (Spade) Pin Connector Cleaners

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7-Way Flat (Spade) Pin Connector Cleaners

Cleaning tool for light-duty truck and trailer 7-way flat (spade) pin connections.

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Quickly and Thoroughly Removes Corrosion Which Can Lead to Lighting Issues.

Clean and resize male and female connectors on 7-way flat (spade) pin terminals.


Features and Benefits:

  • For male and female connections
  • For tail and side marker light assemblies
  • Maintains continuity and prevents circuit failure
  • Quickly and precisely cuts away corrosion
  • Use as a pin wear gauge


• 7-Way Flat (Spade) Female Cleaner (#CLR400-GR-AS) • 7-Way Flat (Spade) Male Cleaner (#CLR300-GR-AS)


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Material: Anodized Aluminum
Package Weight: .15 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 9" L x 2.5" x .5" H
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
CoO: Assembled in the USA of Global Components
Patent 8,296,893 & 8,214,961

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