Innovative Products of America Alpha MUTT Series

The Alpha MUTT® Series

The Alpha MUTT® with ABS is a heavy duty, all-in-one, mobile, advanced diagnostic tester and inspection system for both vehicles and trailers. It saves time and money while being simple and easy to use.


  • Advanced Light, Air Brake and ABS Diagnostics
  • One-Man Testing with Remote and Tablet
  • Save Inspection Reports
  • Customizable DOT and PM Inspections


  • More Inspections in Less Time
  • Reduces Data Entry and Provides Consistent Results
  • Reduces Guesswork
  • Saves an Average of 30 Minutes Per Inspection
  • Identifies Developing Problems Before They Occur on the Road

#5700 Alpha MUTT® Series Shop Model

The #5700 Series Alpha MUTT is our shop model, designed for efficiency and mobility in a shop environment.

#5700 Series

Real-Time ABS
Rugged Tablet
Digital PM Inspections
Learn More
Real-Time ABS
Digital PM Inspections
Learn More
#5600 Series Alpha MUTT®  Service-Truck Model

The #5600 Series Alpha MUTT is our Service-Truck model, purpose built for service truck boxes, underbody and side-mount tool boxes.

#5600 Series

Alpha MUTT® Videos
Alpha MUTT® Manuals and Downloads

#5600 Series Alpha MUTT® Sellsheet

#5700 Series Alpha MUTT® Sellsheet

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