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Innovative Products of America (IPA) is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specializing in the development of innovative tools and equipment since 1991. We are located in Woodstock, New York and are supported by a dedicated team of electro-mechanical engineers, an experience global sourcing department, full-scale sales and marketing services, and onsite manufacturing. These elements allow us to meet all of your tool and equipment needs. Since our doors opened decades ago, we have continuously met our goal of offering cutting edge solutions. For your DeoxIT spray and other electrical tool needs, choose IPA.

Continue reading to find out why IPA is the go-to source for quality tools and equipment, including DeoxIT Cleaner and DeoxIT Shield spray.

deoxit spray
DeoxIT Spray | IPA Tools
DeoxIT Specifications

DeoxIT spray is considered a must have for any technician performing electrical work. The carefully formulated compound targets electrical corrosion to improve and restore performance, harness life, and prevent electrical failure. Many factory service manuals say that DeoxIT is the industry leading solution for cleaning and maintaining electrical connections.

DeoxIT spray cleaner edition outperforms products that promise to: clean and restore connections, prevent electrical failure, improve performance, and remove oxidation and corrosion.

DeoxIT spray shield edition is specially formulated to form a barrier on freshly cleaned connections to prevent further issues. It is suggested by many factory service manuals as the leading solution for cleaning and maintaining electrical connections. It’s specifications include lubricating and protecting connections and is formulated for severe environments and to function as follows: seal, coat, and protect as well as being quick dry and no drip.

Each DeoxIT spray category is intended for the following usage:  terminals, ABS, Input/Output sensors, E.C.U. connectors, battery, pins and plugs, horns, connections, fuel injectors, fuses, ribbon cable connections, tail and head light connections, relays, air flow meters, audio and video connections, and many more.

For Quality DeoxIT Spray, Contact IPA

Ensure your business and industry source the highest quality tools and equipment. Choose IPA Tools. To contact us, please call our main number 845-679-4500 or toll free at 888-679-4600.

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