Alpha MUTT

Alpha MUTT By Innovative Products Of America

The Alpha MUTT® are a series of all-in-one, mobile, advanced diagnostic tester and inspection system for both vehicles and trailers. It saves time and money by providing mistake-free, paperless inspections that are faster and more efficient than existing methods across all your locations. IPA® uses its own proprietary technology and a custom software suite to achieve unparalleled accuracy and record keeping while conducting real-time electrical, air brake and ABS testing along with full DOT inspections.

Several models are available with expandable capabilities including ABS testing, air pressure sensors, cloud uploading and the option to instantly link all trailer inspections fleet wide for inspection-failure-cause analytics. The added convenience of a tablet provides inspection reports which eliminate the burden of time-consuming paperwork. Made proudly in the USA, each Alpha MUTT® features a rugged design that answers the call of fleets looking to enhance the speed and accuracy of trailer pm inspections.

Alpha MUTT Tutorials

An overview of the Alpha MUTT system

Learn how to perform a DOT or PM Inspection

Learn how to perform a report using the Alpha MUTT app.

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