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TDC Indicator Standard 6.25" (14mm)

Quick Overview

Stop the Guessing and Easily Set a Piston to TDC
TDC Indicator Standard 6.25" (14mm)TDC Indicator Standard 6.25" (14mm)
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TDC Indicator Standard 6.25" (14mm) TDC Indicator Standard 6.25" (14mm) TDC Indicator Standard 6.25" (14mm)

#7880 TDC Indicator Standard 6.25" (14mm)

Stop the Guessing and Easily Set a Piston to TDC 

The Standard TDC Indicator enables a technician to accurately set a piston to Top Dead Center (TDC). Just remove the spark plug, screw in the gauge and rotate the engine while observing the radial marks on the sliding shaft and note the top of the piston stroke.
    • Accurately displays piston movement 
    • Installs as easily as a spark plug 
    • 6 1/4" long (14 mm thread) 
    • 1/8" gradient marks 
    • Made of 1144 steel alloy with a stainless steel spring
    • Lifetime warranty 
    • Assembled in the USA from Global Components

DO NOT use on an engine that has an acute spark plug angle relative to the flat top of the piston or you may bend the TDC shafts

(#7880) TDC Indicator Standard 6.25" (14mm)
Lifetime Warranty
Material Composition: 1144 Steel Alloy with Stainless Steel Spring
Product Dimensions: L: 6.25" W: 0.57" H: 0.57"
Package Dimensions: L: 2.50" W: 8.25" H: 0.50"
Package Weight: 1lb.
Made in the USA
WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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